Best Pharmaceutical Synthesis Company 2019

It is both gratifying and humbling to be notified that you have won awards, particularly those you have not applied for.  No submission, no abstract, no fee, no crowdsourced “vote for your favorite CDMO.”  No waiting in anticipation for that early morning call, as Nobel prize nominees likely do.  We were completely unaware we had been nominated until we received a note of congratulations from Acquisition International (AI), a large-circulation UK-based business magazine.

AI’s Business Excellence awards “commend the businesses doing truly great things within their respective fields of expertise.” 

It made us think about how we go about our work, as that apparently catches people’s attention. At Seqens, we don’t set out to win awards.  And while we don’t consciously think about doing great things either, we do aim every day to get our sponsors’ projects done imaginatively and purposefully, using our deep institutional knowledge to efficiently create novel, high quality pharmaceutical products, specialized ingredients, cosmetics, solvents, lubricants and other products.  It’s extremely challenging work – but tremendously rewarding to know we have had a part in developing needed products that are in high demand for their quality.  It’s a strong motivator across our organization.

Acquisition International isn’t the only one that has noticed Seqens transformation, growing from its roots as Novacap into a major player, one that Specialty Chemicals Magazine calls “the new kid on the block.” 

They might have called us the new big kid on the block. We are now an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients with 24 industrial plants, three R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and a total workforce of approximately 3,200 to meet growing demand for GMP products and pre-GMP intermediates.  While the latter do not have to be made specifically to GMP they are still subject to demanding requirements.

Our products

At Seqens we focus on pharmaceutical synthesis; specialty ingredients, among them those used in cosmetics, lubricants and electronics; and R&D services.

Quality Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Whether creating New Chemical Entities (NCEs), generic APIs, controlled substances or specialized ingredients, we are known for our smart, stable team of PhD scientists who understand the complex dynamics of large and small molecules.  Our scientists develop the routes of synthesis, optimize molecules and perform process improvements, all with an eye to regulatory approval. We then scale up and manufacture the pharmaceutical products    

Our savvy staff and sponsors know why and how quality pharmaceutical ingredients confer competitive advantage. We help sponsors execute on their preferred business model by bringing a product to market sooner, attracting a licensing agreement or encouraging higher bids for the product.

Of course, not all CDMOs are alike. On the dark side of our business are poorly manufactured or compromised pharmaceutical products that can result in delays as steps are repeated along with updates in analytical methods and documentation. These delays are not only costly but would also result in hard-to-overcome reputational risk for sponsors who don’t choose their CDMOs wisely.

With speed to market critical to achieving business goals, such unnecessary setbacks are painful—and most often avoidable when dealing with award-winning CDMOs who have been recognized by the industry for taking extra steps to assure quality products.

GMP Polymers

The applications for Medical Grade Polymers we produce include medical devices, drug delivery technologies, therapeutics, excipients, and medical grade coatings.  The variety of polymer projects we have engaged in enable our teams to not only improve polymerization processes, but also to adopt the latest analytical techniques to support their development.

Specialty products

To help cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies create safe products and bring them to market faster, we have developed numerous high quality specialty products such as the following:

  • A full range of functional ingredients for the cosmetics industry that meet the highest quality and environmental standards.
  • Innumerable cGMP products for clinical phase I-III trial material, as well as material for commercial launch, or for on-going API supply. 
  • Custom non-GMP actives and polymers for cosmetics, inspired by GMP standards to assure quality.
  • Using in-house biocatalysis technology, Seqens has developed registered intermediaries such as direct synthesis of D-Serine, as well as the full range of products in the ketamine family: Hydrochloride and free base, racemic and both chiral pure products, S-Ketamine and R-Ketamine.
  • To improve formulation during early-stage drug development our Expansorb® PLA/PLGA copolymers, available in small or bulk quantities, are used as functional excipients for controlled and slow drug release (weeks to months) with a single injection.
  • A range of advanced intermediates, Imidazoles/Imidazolines, Phosphoric Acids, Tetralones, Pyrimidines, Aromatics, Indoles, Oxazoles, and Purines, among others.

A commitment to quality

The thread that holds these varied CDMO activities together is a commitment to high quality.  We employ best practices and efficient processes in everything we do, every day, for every sponsor and every project. That is our culture.

And we don’t keep those best practices to ourselves. We share our methods with the industry in our blogs, at industry meetings and in articles because we know potential customers are looking for a good CDMO partner, who understands their needs and has the experience to do great work for them. So please check out our blog articles here. Or please contact us here to schedule time to chat about our perspectives or to ask us questions about how we might be able to help you.

In the meantime, we are deeply grateful to the sponsors who inspire us to do our best work, and who take the time to nominate us for awards. We also greatly appreciate organizations such as AI for their recognition, naming us the best pharmaceutical synthesis company 2019. It is a great honor.

We’re also proud of the awards we’ve won, including being name a Top Performer in 12 categories in the 2019 CMO Leadership Awards for a total of 36 awards since 2013.


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