Seqens offers crystallization and polymorph identification at all stages of drug development.

From both the IP and technical point of view, the success of a new API project depends on solid-form changes during drug development. Crystalline polymorphs have different melting points, solubility, dissolution rates and other physical properties that affect bioavailability, first pass metabolism and toxicity, as well as chemical and physical stability.

Seqens has the industrial experience to manufacture API polymorphs in a stable and reproducible manner, and offers the convenience of partnering with you to customize particle size distribution to your specifications.

In addition, Seqens has significant expertise in developing chiral pure APIs from its existing catalogue of racemic APIs, and can apply our processes to racemic molecules produced by other manufacturers. 

Solid State Science Drug Development track record

  • Baclofen/R-Baclofen
  • Cinacalcet synthesis
  • Esomeprazole trihydrate/dehydrate