Seqens is the world’s leading producer of aspirin and one of the world’s leading producers of paracetamol with 4 manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe and one more to come in France.


Seqens is the worldwide leader in Salicylic Acid and Acetylsalicylic Acid as well as a leading player in paracetamol, with a strong industrial footprint in France, China and Thailand.

Boosted by a unique vertical integration in both aspirin (from phenol/SA) and paracetamol (from PNP/PAP) value chains, and cGMP manufacturing sites, Seqens offers competitive and sustainable solutions to its worldwide partners.

Seqens offers a wide range of products for pharmaceutical & healthcare and cosmetics & fragrances markets. We operates on a global scale with a vertically integrated supply chain. Thanks to our unique experience and a strong knowledge of the businesses, Seqens proposes safer, more efficient products, with high quality and increased responsibility for the environment.

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Undisputed leader of Acetyl salicylic acid, Seqens CHC benefits from the favorable localization of the different GMP sites; only 40 km between its salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic plants, both located in France. A short distribution circuit for an effective and flexible production.

Dual sourcing/vertical integration

Strategically, Seqens CHC also reinforced its manufacturing strength in Thailand. A dual sourcing for a responsive supply to the market with 6000mt manufacturing capacity.

Seqens CHC portfolio is made of crystal, milled, granular and direct compression grades so our customers can find a product that responds to the technical constraints of the formulation.

The focus, quality and service provided by Seqens takes a more commoditized product to core business at Seqens CHC, providing peace of mind for our pharmaceutical partners.

  • Made in France & Thailand (Dual sourcing)
  • Broad experience  and technical expertise in acetylsalicylic acid
  • Complete range of products with GMP registration
  • Vertical upstream integration
  • Excellent record of inspections in both sites (FDA Approved)


Strong of a unique large-scale vertical integration of Para Amino Phenol (PAP), Seqens CHC guarantees paracetamol supply despite raw material market volatility. Based in Wuxi (CN), our paracetamol is only 100 Km away from the key raw material, safeguarding the production of powder and directly compressible grades.

Seqens CHC has endlessly invested over the years in product diversity, production line extension, and in the training of the people to reach the best service and the highest standards requested for a GMP site

  • Vertical integration in PAP
  • 2 lines of DC 90 FB [Fluidized bed] & 1 line of DC 90 HSP [High Shear Process]
  • New grades under qualifications: Paracetamol crystal / fine crystal
  • Available grades without Croscarmellose, Paraben free

A new paracetamol plant for 2024

Seqens has officially launched the project to build a new paracetamol production unit.

After a full year of R&D studies, Seqens has officially launched the project to build a new paracetamol production unit. This project we be implemented in partnership with Sanofi and UPSA and with the support of the France Relance programme. Innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly, the unit will have a capacity of 10,000 tons of paracetamol per year, will be built on the Roussillon platform (38) and will be commissioned in 2024.